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Apple Pie Crepes

Well, we are definitely having fall weather here now and we have less than 2 weeks to go until Thanksgiving! How is that even possible?! 
I have been thinking about this recipe for a while now, and I am finally so excited to share it! It's so easy and if you are a fan of apples, I've got a treat for you!
I made these "crepes" using Mission Gluten Free Flour Tortillas, but you can use any flour tortillas that you might have in your pantry. I have had the best luck with Mission Tortillas for bascially all of my recipes, not just this one. 

Here are the ingredients you'll need: -Gluten Free flour tortillas -1 T of butter per tortilla, melted -Canned fried apples or 1 apple, cut up into 1-2 inch chunks -1 tsp of brown sugar per tortilla -Cinnamon -Extra butter for skillet -Powdered sugar, if desired for garnish 
1. Heat your skillet and add extra butter 2. Melt butter for tortillas 3. Spread melted butter on one side of tortilla

4. Spread brown sugar and cinnamon ov…

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