Loving, by Karen Kingsbury

I FINALLY finished Loving last night! Such a great book and a great way to end the Bailey Flanigan Series. Karen Kingsbury never disappoints with her novels. She is such an inspirational writer! I've shed many tears, happy and sad, over her books. If you haven't read the Bailey Flanigan series, or any other series by Karen for that matter, you don't know what you're missing! I won't ruin the ending of this series for those that haven't read it yet, but the ending was perfect! =)  

Now, onto my next book: The You I Never Knew by Susan Wiggs. I love Susan's books as well, so I'm anxious to start reading! 

Also, great win last night by the Preds!! It was very nerve-wracking there toward the end and in OT, but I'm glad they got the win! Anders was great in goal and was awesome in the shootout! What a great confidence boost for him! Now, onto Dallas for Thursday. I've heard Pekka is feeling better so that's good news for Preds fans! I can't believe there are only two more games left in the regular season! The season went by so fast; it always does! Can't wait for the playoffs!!!!! 

I'm still deciding what gluten-free recipe I will blog about next. I'm trying to find something besides desserts or sweets..maybe something a little more healthier! I'll keep looking and if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know!! Until next time...


  1. Hi there, Katie! Here's irony for you....I'm a Karen Kingsbury fan who's married to a man who is embracing (as much as he can!) a guten-free diet! :-) I loved the Bailey Flannigan series, and Karen is a role model to me, as a Christian writer. What an amazing and anointed talent. Check out my blog if you'd like sometime, and, I can't wait to share a link to this blog with my hubs! God bless, and take good care!!


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