Pizza and Basketball!

It's my mom's birthday AND the night of the NCAA Championship Game! Before the tournament started, my parents and me and Marshal all filled out brackets. We each get a point if a higher seed wins or if, for example, a 4 beats a 3 seed. But if the seeds are 2-4 numbers apart, we get two points and if the seeds are 5 or more numbers apart, we get three points. The race is pretty close, Mom and Dad are only one point apart. Mom has Kentucky winning and Dad has Kansas winning so the game tonight determines if someone wins or if they tie! Whew! Stressful times! Anyways....back to why I'm writing this blog in the first place...we ordered pizza but since Marshal was coming over, he had to bring one of his own gluten-free pizzas from home. He brought a Bella Monica (@BellaMonica on Twitter) Mushroom and Herbs Pizza:

Click picture for website link! 

Mmmm...looks good!!!

I'll admit, I've never tried a gluten-free pizza before, but hey, that's what this blog is all about! I don't like mushrooms that much but I did try it and it was pretty good! Couldn't really tell that much difference between it and the regular pizza! Marshal eats the Bella Monica pizzas all the time and there's never any's all gone within minutes! 


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