Playoff Hockey!

Wow, it's been awhile since I last posted and I would feel remiss not to talk about the Predators who are KILLING IT in the playoffs right now! Marshal and I went to Game 1 in Nashville and sat right behind our penalty box! I was hoping I wouldn't see too many players up close, since that would mean we had taken a lot of penalties, but secretly hoped that we would see some aaannd we did! We unfortunately took a lot of penalties that night (both teams did), but we won so that's all that matters!!!! Thank you so much to the best boyfriend in the world for those amazing tickets!!! Out of all the images I saw that night, this one will forever be burned in my memory: 

The third game of the series took place this afternoon (Sunday) and the Preds won!! 2-1 series lead! Next game: Tuesday! 

Back to gluten-free stuff, I will be attempting (crossing fingers) to make some gluten-free bread in the near future. I also ordered a 6 pack of baking mixes from 1-2-3 Gluten-Free through Gluten-Free Saver! I'm pretty pumped about that!! Can't wait!! Until next time...stay gluten-free and GO PREDS!! =) 


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