Thoughts for the Day and new Rascal Flatts music!!

As anyone who bakes gluten-free food knows, it's best to eat the goods either the same day you bake or the day after. Some suggest you freeze them if you plan on needing them in the future or they won't keep. I was worried about this happening with the desserts I was baking. I wouldn't say the cupcakes and brownies I made on Valentines Day were bad several days after, but I could tell they weren't fresh. The cookies actually tasted very good days after I made them (ask Marshal) and the muffins, that I made two days ago, are still very good! I just need to remember to keep them in an air-tight container! =) I've been doing some research on the internet about this and I've found a lot of sites that talk about storing bread. Here's a message board on  that addresses that subject. Enjoy! 

I'm so happy that I started this blog and I'm even more happier that Rascal Flatts' new cd came out today! It's been my background music for writing today! :) I love it! Until next time....


  1. I can confirm that the cake mix cookies were still good in the following days, and mmmm, just thinking about those blueberry muffins is making my mouth water! Another thing I wanted to point out is the savings in cost by baking your own gf treats. For example, the blueberry muffins available at my local Kroger's cost $7.99 for 4 muffins, while our homemade recipe makes 24 muffins for about $12; and yes I definitely prefer their taste too!! :)


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