Terra Sweet Potato Chips

So if you haven't realized this by now, I am in love with sweet potatoes!! It started out with Alexia's Sweet Potato Fries and now when I see anything sweet potato related in the store I just have to try it!

Marshal's mom saw these in the store and thought of me! Terra has several different types of Sweet Potato chips, such as Crinkled Candied Chips, Crinkled with Sea Salt, Spicy Chips, Sweets and Beets, and Sweets and Carrots, but if you are looking for a simple, no fuss AWESOME tasting chip for a snack...then I have found what you are looking for! :) 
A lot of sweet potato chips are just that....sweet. Almost too sweet, like they have sugar on them or something. Not these! 

They have no salt added, and the only ingredients other than sweet potatoes (obviously) are canola oil, and/or safflower oi, and/or sunflower oil. All of these oils are low in saturated fats, which this Exercise and Nutrition Science Grad Student is happy to hear! =) And oh yeah, I almost forgot, they're GLUTEN FREE!! 

I hope to have more recipes up shortly! Thanks to everyone for being on this journey with me so far! Keep an eye out for those recipes and have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend! Until next time, stay gluten free! ;) 


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