Chebe Cinnamon Rolls

Long time, no see!! I know it's been awhile since I posted last, but I'm glad to be back and trying new things!

Recently, I took advantage of a GlutenFree Saver Deal for I wanted to get Marshal some things to take back to school with him when he came home for a visit. This Chebe Cinnamon Roll mix was one of my purchases. Marshal and I made them two days ago for a late breakfast/snack and they were very good! It made 13....I had 3, someone else (not going to name any names) ate the rest. =) In all fairness, they are pretty small so it's not like eating 10 regular sized cinnamon rolls.

Making the dough was pretty easy, although I had to add more milk than the recipe called for to make the whole batch wet. Once we kneaded the dough, we rolled it out with a rolling pin.

Then it was time to make our cinnamon mixture with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter.

I might have used a little too much butter b/c it wasn't crumbly. When I tried to spread it over all the dough, it wasn't enough so I just sprinkled some brown sugar over the whole surface to make up for it.

Now, it's time to roll!! 

I then wet my fingers and pinched the pieces on the ends together.

Now it's time to slice it up!

After we sliced them and set them, cut side down, in the mini muffin tin, we sprinkled some cinnamon on top for some extra flavor.

Bake at 375 for about 17 minutes and this is what you get:

MMM....I wish I had some right now!! 
As you can see, the bigger ones expanded a little bit but I would have rather put them in the muffin tin than in a cake pan where they would only take up about half of the pan and possibly burn. To keep that from happening with the muffin tin, since we didn't fill all the spaces up, I put some water in the empty ones. 

Review: We loved them! Some of them were crunchy, others were soft, but overall I would give them two thumbs up and I'm sure Marshal would do if he wasn't taking a nap right now. =) 

I had never heard of this brand before until I started looking on This brand isn't carried in our local grocery stores here so I'm glad I found it online! I hope to try some of their other products soon! Here is their website if you want to check them out:

Enjoy!! =) 


  1. I LOVE chebe. THey have a pizza crust mix that is my favorite. I follow the recipe exactly, only don't use a full cup of cheese. It makes a 'self-rising' crust that is soft and gooey, closest thing to a Digorno(sp) I've found that's gluten free. I like the big doughy pizzas, and this is the GF version of that. I also use the Chebe original cheese bread. Just a wonderful brand and on the less expensive end of the GF shelf. THanks for this blog, I haven't tried this mix yet, but look forward to it!
    Take care!

  2. First off - your boyfriend is an incredibly lucky lucky man, and I hope he tells you often! When you are struggling with being gluten free, knowing that your best friend and loved one is in it with you is HUGE! (I'm a similarly blessed gal - my husband went GF 95% of the time the day I was diagnosed.)

    Secondly, these look amazing. I make something rather similar, so I thought I'd share something I've discovered about them - if you make, fill, and roll the dough up into a log you can, at that point STOP. Roll the whole shebang in plastic wrap - tightly and make a few snug layers to prevent air getting in and causing problems - it freezes beautifully. I try to keep at least 3 logs of cinnamon bun dough in the freezer at all times (something I'm glad of at the moment, once I hit send, I'm headed downstairs to the kitchen to pull one out for a leisurely brunch for my husband and I!) because it works so well. Just pull out a log when you want buns, let it sit on the counter for only 5-10 minutes (it only needs that brief amount of time to soften enough to slice easily) and pop into pans to bake. The oven temp stays the same, I usually only have to add about 5-7 minutes extra (everyone's oven acts differently, so best bet is to keep a close eye on things the first time so you know how long from then on) FROM frozen. No need to thaw.

    And honestly? Anything that can save me from having to wash bowls, digging out the rolling pin, and getting the counter dirty on a lazy weekend morning is worth it's weight in gold. It makes a gal feel all industrious and amazingly Domestic Goddess-y... without having to engage a sleepmuddled brain before the caffeine hits by mixing up a dough! Hope this is useful, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what niftiness you come up with for your lad - and this site!

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  3. Thank you Jenna!! I love that idea! I will definitely be trying that after we are married! What a great idea! I hope you enjoy all of my blog posts! I'll be blogging more soon! Thanks again for your sweet comments!


  4. I was also lucky to have found this brand. I ordered directly from them even though they did have a store locator on their site and 2 stores where in my area. It is the best bread I have tasted in the 4 1/2 yrs since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It stays moist and reheats in the microwave beautifully. I haven't tried the pizza crust mix nor the cinnamon roll but I am looking forward to doing so. They mix up so quick and easy without having to wait for rising, punching down, rising again, etc. When I received my 1st order, they included additional options for the mixes such as tortillas (similar to flour ones, yum), turnovers, calzones, etc. that made my assorted bread mixes even more diverse. These are definitely more affordable than any other gluten free mixes I have been able to locate and tastier as well. My husband likes them too and he could have any bread he wanted.
    Bread lucky at last,

    1. I've used the cinnamon roll mix and the cheese mix. I would like to try others, but haven't had the chance yet!

  5. yummy..I can't find the mix here in Fl..

    1. Try looking on Amazon for them. Or even on Chebe's website.


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