Gluten Free Apple Strudel Bread

It's been about a month since I started eating completely gluten free and I am feeling soooo much better. There has been some difficult days where I crave things that I used to eat that I can't have anymore but then I think of what I'll feel like when I eat it and that solves the problem. 
A couple weeks into this month, we were eating at Cracker Barrel and I saw where one of their fall specials was Apple Strudel French Toast (um YUM!) made out of their famous sourdough bread. Of course, it wasn't gluten free but it looked SO good. Since then, I couldn't stop thinking about that bread. So I looked for apple strudel recipes online and I found this great website all about baking different breads, they even have a gluten free section. Click here for their website. 
I decided to make the bread dough from a Bob's Red Mill Bread Mix that I already had in the pantry. Then I would follow the Apple Strudel Bread Recipe from the website. 

The yeast packet was included with the mix. 

I had some trouble (again) with the dough coming out right. It never fails. If I make it from scratch or from a mix, it always comes out sticky and doesn't form into a nice, even loaf. It's very frustrating. 

I used my Pampered Chef Apple Corer/Peeler/Slicer for the first time and I LOVED it! It's so much fun to use!

I decided to use Honey Crisp Apples for this recipe.

I know the Apple Strudel recipe I found was not made with a gluten free flour mix but I was hoping that I would still be able to fold the dough and mix in everything just like the recipe called for, but it wasn't that simple. I tried, to the best of my ability, to roll the dough out (which was very hard even when I did use cornstarch), but I wasn't very successful.
I added: 
1/4 cup of sugar
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 medium apples sliced and chopped into small pieces

I then just mixed it all together, instead of folding it, and basically just dumped it in the loaf pan.

Then I let it rise for 90 minutes, according the recipe, and sprinkled sugar on top. I then put  it in the oven at the directions listed on the Bob's Red Mill Mix. It was in there about half the time that it was supposed to be and it was already starting to burn on the top. 

As you can see, it's nothing pretty to write home about, but it tastes pretty good!
 I just wish I knew what I've been doing wrong with the dough. 

I really want to try to make this again, but I'm not sure what bread recipe (or mix) I should use. 
I would absolutely recommend this recipe, or the website for that matter, to anyone. It's the perfect fall recipe! 


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