Nine Days Completely Gluten Free- My grocery store finds!

Happy October everyone! I absolutely LOVE this time of year...the air is crisp, the weather is cooler and my favorite fruit (apples) are in season! I can't wait to try out some new recipes soon!

Now, onto the matter at hand...I've been wondering for awhile if some of my stomach issues had to do with having a gluten allergy. I've got other stomach issues going on, but I always felt a little better when I was with Marshal and eating everything he was eating, which was all gluten free. We both went to see a PA a couple of weeks ago and I told her about my stomach issues and that my blood was tested for Celiac several years ago but came back negative. She said that I could still have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity, so she encouraged me to try eating completely gluten free for two weeks and then try adding small amounts of gluten back into my diet to see how I felt. She mentioned that some of her other patients have had great results with this, so I figured I would go ahead and try it and see what happens. 

Sooo I needed to make a trip to the grocery store...and I thought I would share my purchases with you. I like it when other bloggers share their "finds" or favorite items so I thought I would return the favor. 

I love this cereal! I've never been one to eat cereal with mik, I just like to munch on it for a snack and this is perfect for that. It's just sweet enough for my sweet tooth cravings, which hit A LOT. There are other flavors of the Chex cereal as well if Apple Cinnamon isn't your thing. Definitely recommend! 

I made these for supper the other night and I just had more of the chicken nuggets for lunch today. De Boles has several different types of their pasta that is gluten free. Both were great. I'm going to have to work on making the noodles not so dry next time, but they tasted pretty good considering. 
The box of chicken nuggets was a little pricey, but there were 18 in a box so they will last me awhile since I don't eat many at a time. 

I'm glad I got these b/c they have been a lifesaver for my chocolate cravings! If I had a choice between crunchy or soft cookies, I would pick crunchy every single time so these were perfect for me! And soo good! I will have to try their other kinds soon!

I haven't tried this yet, but I knew I needed to buy it when I saw it in the store. I can't remember if I've ever tried a Glutino's pizza before, but I'm sure it will be good. I will blog about it once I've tried it. 

These are so good, and they didn't last long at all! I loved the cheddar taste. They have so many different varieties and flavors to choose from. I will definitely be buying these again!

I absolutely looove this bread! It is such a life saver for someone like me who used to practically live on bread before! Marshal loves their cinnamon raisin bread, as I'm sure a lot of people do! I can't wait to make french toast out of this Rudi's Bread!! YUM!

Marshal showed these to me in the grocery store and I just had to try them! And of course, I got the apple pie flavor. There are so many different flavors to suit everyone's taste buds. Look for these in the jello and pudding aisle! 

Yum yum yum yum yum! These are great! As you know, I love sweet potatoes so these are right up my alley! Great for a snack! Be careful or the bag will be empty before you know it!

I love Van's products!!! These waffles and french toast sticks are great for a quick and easy breakfast! My only complaint is that I wish there were more than 6 waffles to a box....other than that, couldn't be happier! These will always be a gluten free staple in my freezer!

Today is day 9 in my gluten free experiment and so far I am feeling great! I know I'm going to have to compensate and make up for some nutrients that I am losing by not eating certain things, but I'm trying my day at a time!


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