The Past Week....

A lot has happened this past week and things are getting busy with wedding planning and projects and engagement pictures....the list goes on and on. With all that, I managed to fit in some meals and picture taking. :)

I made Hawaiian Pork Chops Freezer Meals from I'm A Celiac. These were soo good. A little spicy but very good. Marshal was able to try these for the first time and he loved it!! 

I wish I had more of it left in the fridge! It was so good leftover too! Definitely one of my favorites so far! Thanks Pam! 

I absolutely love this next brand...123 GlutenFree!! That's really fun to say ;)

Buckwheat Pancakes....
I added a little cinnamon/sugar mix to the pancakes before I turned them over. 

It only used up half the mix in the box and made 20 pancakes! I really like these. The buckwheat flour has an interesting taste but they are very filling and great for breakfast or dinner! 

I neglected to include this in my Trader Joe's post the other day but Marshal found a couple of these and decided to try them out....
Since it's crust is made out of corn and had re-fried beans instead of tomato sauce, it's definitely different, but he seemed to like it! You never know what you will find at Trader Joe's! 

I decided to order some gluten free items from Amazon...and then realized that it had pulled out one of my old addresses for the shipping address!! So after calling all over the place and sending emails, I tracked down ONE of the packages with Annie's GFree Mini Cookies. All that work for one box of cookies that lasted just a couple days, but I have definitely learned my lesson! And the cookies were great by the way! I can't normally find these in my local store so that's why I ordered them off the internet...
Cocoa and Vanilla Bunny Cookies

Speaking of Annie's....we got these at Whole Foods today:
2 boxes for $7!

This morning I made these for breakfast for Marshal and I...
I forgot to take a picture of the box so this is from Hodgson Mill's website....

 I decided to use applesauce instead of vegetable oil to make these. I have made these once before and I think they tasted better the second time. I also sprinkled a little brown sugar on top before they went in the oven.

The mix made 24 mini muffins. 

And last but not least, for dinner tonight we had bacon, eggs and biscuits (gluten free of course!). 

 I used Gluten Free Bisquick and I'm not sure if I did anything wrong but the box said the recipe would make 10 biscuits but it almost made twenty and they were huge! 

I honestly thought these tasted better than the non gluten free Bisquick biscuits. And it made a lot so there's extra to use for leftovers. :) 

Can't wait to try more of the goodies we got at Whole Foods today! New recipes coming soon!! Yay!


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