Gluten Free Lunch at Olive Garden

Recently, Marshal and I went to Olive Garden for lunch. This was our first time there eating off the gluten free menu

We each had the Garden Salad, with Italian dressing. 
I had the Penne Rigate Pomodoro (pictured above) and Marshal had the Penne Rigate with Marinara. We both added grilled chicken with our pasta. 

They both looked like they were the same thing, but when Marshal tasted mine he said it was different. (Of course, I didn't get to taste any of Marshal's. It was all gone before I could even think to taste it.) 

I couldn't finish mine, it was so much. I love leftovers though! 
 The staff was very accommodating to our needs and made sure we were well taken care of. The menu doesn't have a lot of options on it, but what they did have looked very good! 
We both liked our dishes a lot and we will be going back soon to try some other dishes!


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