Gluten Free Experience at Claim Jumper Restaurant

Marshal and I recently tried out a new restaurant in the area, Claim Jumper. We knew they had a gluten free menu so we were pretty excited about trying something new! 
Here's a link to their menu.
Well, when we ordered, we had our menus flipped to the gluten free page and I said: "We'll be ordering from the gluten free menu." When Marshal ordered, he didn't say anything about a gluten free order, but we thought our waiter already knew we were both eating gluten free. 
Apparently not. This is how we know this:
1. He brought us bread after we ordered. 
We got to thinking that maaaybe he didn't hear me say gluten free so when our order came we asked if it was gluten free. His quote was "Everything here is gluten free." So we thought, ok we're good. (Apparently he was only talking about my dish)
2. As Marshal started eating his steak, he thought the sauce on the steak didn't taste right. As a lot of us know, most people with Celiac can tell as soon as they start eating something with gluten, they know. I think that's what happened with Marshal. 
This is one of the dangers with eating at a gluten free restaurant. A lot of the entrees on the gfree menu are also on the main menu, so if you don't specify (or even sometimes when you do) it can be really easy to screw up an order. 
3. After we were done eating, our waiter brought us a dessert menu, that of course had no gluten free options. 

From all of these things, it's pretty clear that staff at this particular restaurant aren't trained very well in gluten free knowledge. The food is great, but if you are always worrying about if you're going to get "glutened" or not, what's the point of even going?

In all of this negative stuff, I don't want to forget to say that my gluten free Chicken Quesadillas were amazing! Very good and very filling! I had to take half the plate home. 


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