Kinnikinnick Pizza Crust Review

We love making "homemade" gluten free pizzas. We have tried another brand of gluten free pizza crusts in the past, but we decided to "splurge" and decided to go a different direction last time. 
 This Kinnikinnick pizza crust is awesome. I really don't know another word to describe it. We were both speechless. It's THAT good. =) 

It doesn't look very appetizing when you look at the picture on the box or when you take it out of the box, but I am telling won't be disappointed. 
The taste is awesome. It has a cheesy and very subtle sweet and salty taste to it, and the squares are a perfect size for a personal pizza.

We loved how hearty and thick this crust is. You just can't beat it. I can't wait to try out other variations of toppings with this crust! 
Thanks Kinnikinnick for making an A-mazing gluten free pizza crust! Hallelujah! 


  1. That pizza was soooooo good!!!! Looking at those pictures is literally making my mouth water! We will definitely have to make these again soon. :)


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