Slow Cooker Cobbler

Looking for an easy and delicious gluten free dessert? Look no further than this slow cooker "cobbler" from

My dad recently had a birthday and he loooves cherry desserts. Marshal wanted to be able to "celebrate" too so I made it gluten free. 

I searched on Pinterest for cherry desserts and this was the first one on the list. 
It turned out great! 

All you need is:
-1/4 cup melted butter
-1/2 box of cake mix (any flavor)
-20 oz pie filling (any flavor)

I was skeptical if this would work with gluten free cake mix, but it worked well. 

All you do is put the pie filling in a greased slow cooker. 
Then, mix the butter and cake mix until crumbly.
Put that mixture on top of the pie filling.
Cook on low for 4 hours or on high for 2 hours. 

That't it. :)
How easy was that?

I can't wait to use apple pie filling with the other half of the cake mix! 
Thanks to Jenna and Nicole (Crockin Girls) for the recipe and I can't wait to try more! 


  1. Dad here. Yes, I do like cherry desserts. This was a good one. Thanks Katie!!


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