Glutino Toaster Pastry Review

I recently had a chance to review Glutino's new Toaster Pastries. There are two flavors: Strawberry and Apple Cinnamon. 

(The following up close pictures are of the strawberry pastries.) 

Let me just say first off, that I absolutely love these pastries! Apple Cinnamon is my favorite, but they are both excellent. I do believe they would be good with some icing, but it would be very easy to make some kind of homemade icing to accompany these. 

With their flaky texture, they remind me more of Toaster Strudel's than actual Pop Tarts. 

I never tried putting them in my toaster. I always warmed them up in the microwave for about 10 seconds on high. The box says three seconds but that didn't get it warm enough for me. 

I love the little sayings on the boxes. It's a unique feature. 

All in all, I really enjoyed these and would buy them if I had the chance. 

Disclaimer: These are my own opinions and pictures. I have not been endorsed for my opinion in any way. 


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