Our Gluten Free Experience In Jamaica

For our honeymoon, we traveled to Negril, Jamaica. We stayed at the Couples Resort in Negril. 
For traveling, I packed an assortment of Vans Bars and some Glutino Lemon Bars. 

We arrived late Sunday afternoon at the resort and we were starving. We ate at the Heliconia Restaurant for the first time. 

I ordered grilled chicken with some kind of salsa topping with french fries. It was very good. Definitely hit the spot.

Marshal had the steak with a really great sauce (that I can't remember the name of right now) with french fries. 

After we talked to our waitress about how we don't eat bread or anything with gluten (which we're not sure if she understood or not), the chef came out and talked to us to tell us what we could have off the menu. My chicken was supposed to come with a side of creamed potatoes, but those contained flour so he made me french fries instead. 

We would eat at this restaurant a couple more times for lunch and dinner during the week. 

Breakfast everyday was at the buffet at the Cassava Restaurant.

At every buffet, all gluten free items were labeled. This was a big help to us. 

This was basically our breakfast every day. There was always a big assortment of bread and baked goods sitting out, but none of it was gluten free. We were very grateful to have the options we did have, but it was still a little difficult being around it and knowing I couldn't have it. It was okay for the first couple of days, but as we got further into the week, I was really missing bread and baked goods. 

One day at breakfast they served breadfruit, which is a common fruit in Jamaica. It's called breadfruit because when it's roasted, it has a similar consistency and taste of bread. I loved it! I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but I was too busy eating it! 

We ate at Lychee, the Asian Restaurant a couple of times. This was our favorite restaurant by far. Lychee, by the way, is a type of fruit from Jamaica as well. The first night we ate here Marshal had the sushi platter (without eel b/c it was coated in soy sauce) and I had a mango type salad (was soooo good) and then we both got Pad Thai Rice Noodles with chicken. All the sauces to pick from were not gfree so the chef, who came out to talk to us at this restaurant too, said he would give us sweet chili sauce. Well it was amazing. We fell in love with it! 

This was our dessert the first night at Lychee. Sorbet, not sure what flavor though. Very refreshing. 
The second night we ate at Lychee, a different chef came out and talked to us. She made us an appetizer sample platter of skewered beef, chicken and shrimp. Marshal had the sushi platter again and I had the salad again. We had the Pad Thai again, but this time for dessert the chef made us both a banana creme brulee. It wasn't on the menu, but we knew it could be made. The night before, at Cassava, the chef there had made us creme brulee with mandarin oranges. So we just asked, being curious, and we loved it! Never would have thought to use bananas in creme brulee but it was amazing! We were stuffed! That was our last night at the resort so it was a great meal to finish the trip on! 

Earlier in the week, we ate at Otaheite. We had to make reservations a day in advance to eat here. 

 On the porch swings looking over the resort while we wait for our reservation time! 

The Couples Resort logo on our plates, with our rings :) 

We loved eating at this restaurant because we got to sit side by side. At all the other restaurants, we had to sit across from each other and could barely hear each other. We felt like we had to scream to be heard. 
For dinner here, we had steak with plantain and goat cheese sauce with mashed potatoes. MMmmm. Never had goat cheese before. I kinda like it :) 

The chef made us these fruit parfaits for dessert. Very nice and refreshing. 

We ate at Cassava on a night where they had an A La Carte menu, instead of buffet. After talking to the chef, we learned the only two entree items we could have were the shrimp or the lamb. I'm not a big seafood eater, but I had never had lamb. I was a little reluctant to order the lamb, but I am glad I did. Wow. What a dish. So good. It was like I was eating a very, very tender and juicy steak. 

This is Marshal's shrimp. He really like it. We both pretty much licked our plates clean. :) 

This was our first creme brulee experience. Needless to say we loved it. When we got back home, we bought a creme brulee kit. Torch and all. :) 

Beautiful, beautiful place. We really had a great time and were very well taken care of. The chefs were very accommodating and helpful. 
Thank you to everyone at Couples who helped make our experience so great!  


  1. Looks so fun!!!! Glad you found good safe food!

  2. Glad to hear a good gluten free review for Jamaica! Were the fries fried in a dedicated fryer or you aren't that sensitive? Great tips and pictures, thanks for sharing! -Amanda Y.


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