All But Gluten Products Review

Have you heard of All But Gluten? If you haven't tried it, you are missing out!

I recently won a giveaway of All But Gluten products. I didn't know what to expect but I was truly impressed. I tried the White bread, Whole Grain bread and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Not only are their products gluten free but they're also dairy free. 

The whole grain loaf is very filling and is loaded with protein, with 3 g in each slice. It contains rice flour, flax and sunflower seeds and buckwheat flour. 

I took this photo before I put cream cheese on the toast so you could see the seeds inside. Yum!! 

The white loaf is simply amazing! The taste can simply not be beat. It would be perfect sandwich bread. This loaf is fortified, as is the whole grain loaf, with several vitamins and nutrients, which is not always the case with gluten free breads. 

I've used several different types of gfree breads to make egg-in-the-holes with and I can honestly say that this bread takes the prize! So light and fluffy but with no holes and stands up really well to heat! 

It tasted great with strawberry cream cheese! 

I saved the best for last...

Okay seriously folks. These chocolate chip cookies are the bomb! I have never tasted a gfree cookie like these. They are so soft and chewy and so delicious.

If you have ever had Kroger's bakery chocolate chip cookies before, that is what these reminded me of. They're not as big but the tastes are very similar. I don't know how All But Gluten does it, but thank you for these great products! And keep 'em coming! 

Update: I have a giveaway featuring All But Gluten Products! 3 winners will each win 4 products, including macaroons, which are featured in another post here: Coconut Macaroon Review and "Hack"

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Disclaimer: These thoughts and opinions are my own. I won these products in a giveaway and was not compensated for this review in any way. 


  1. Because they are soft and chewy, I would use these for ice cream sandwiches.


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