Peach Berry Cobbler using Gluten Free Mama's Pie Crust Mix

I recently had an opportunity to try a pie crust mix from a Gluten Free Mama. Since I had her cookbook, I wanted to use one of her recipes. I thought the Peach Berry Cobbler would be perfect for this time of year. Here's the link to the recipe on Gluten Free Mama's blog:

The pie crust mix actually makes two pie crusts. I went ahead and used the whole bag and saved the rest of the dough for a later date. 

After I made the crust and rolled it out, I mixed the peaches and berries and other ingredients together. After putting them in a casserole dish, I preceded to baste the pie crust with water and then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top. 

I then cut the pie crusts in little squares and arranged them in a lattice formation. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it tasted awesome! 

Finished product!! Woohoo! It was so delicious! I can't wait to make something else with the other pie dough! It really is one of the best gluten free pie crusts I've ever tried! 


  1. I have never tried to make a pie before lol! I need to try this!


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