About Me

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog, Gluten Free Katie. Here's a little bit about me and why I started this blog:

I met my husband in January 2012. He had been eating gluten free for several years, since he was in high school. When we started dating, I had never heard of gluten free, let alone knew anything about it. I really wanted to learn though, so I did a ton of research and threw myself into it. When our first Valentine's Day came (a month later), I made him brownies and he loved them. Not sure if they were actually good or if he was just trying to be nice, but they weren't that bad. After that, I kept making him things and he continued to love them. In March of 2012, I started this blog to record all of my trials and errors (which happened a lot). 

In the meantime, I myself had been dealing with stomach issues for years, really since college. I was diagnosed with IBS and had tried different medicines and probiotics, even undergoing a colonoscopy, but hadn't really found any other answers and wasn't feeling better. When I would eat with my husband, I would eat what he ate and I felt better. I talked to my doctor and she suggested that I try giving gluten up for 2 weeks, then try to re-introduce it to see how I felt. Well, I knew after being completely gluten free for a few days that I wasn't going back! I had not felt that awesome in a long time! September 2012 is my gluten free starting point and I haven't looked back since!

Yes, it's hard to live this lifestyle at times, especially when eating out and traveling, but when I think about how bad I felt before I went gluten free, I know I don't want to feel like that again. 

This blog was first called Gluten Free Girlfriend, but when we got married I changed it to Gluten Free Katie. So if you see Gluten Free Girlfriend on any of my old posts, that's why! 

We got married in June 2013 and had our first child in May 2016! I graduated from nursing school in 2015 and my husband will graduate from Nurse Practitioner school in 2018. We have very busy lives, but it keeps us on our toes! We love to cook and bake together as much as we can, and I love coming up with new recipes! 

I hope you enjoy this blog and please feel free to reach out with questions or suggestions! 


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