Weekly Meal Plan #5

Hey everyone! It's time for another Weekly Menu post! Sorry I haven't posted one in a couple of weeks. It's been pretty crazy around here with traveling, giveaways and other stuff going on! Can you believe that we are in August already? Before we know it, Christmas will be here! Crazy!! 
Anyway, here's your Meal Plan for the week: 

Monday:  Turkey Meatloaf  -This recipe can be accomodated to fit several allergy needs 
Tuesday: One Dish Chicken Meal -Easy dinner to put together! Only uses one dish! 
Wednesday: Applesauce BBQ Chicken  -This one uses the slow cooker. Great for those hot days when you don't want to use your oven!
Thursday: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers  -These are pretty yummy and satisfying! 
Friday: Turkey Burgers with Greek Yogurt Mayo -A lighter version to beef burgers, the turkey burger is a great option! And tons of protein! 
Saturday: French Toast -Can't go a whole week without one brinner (breakfast for dinner) meal! 
Sunday: Leftovers 

Snacks: Sausage Cheese Biscuits (Sausage Balls) -These are so yummy and since the recipe makes a ton, you could also eat them as a quick on the go breakfast! 

Have a great week! :) 



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